• Versatile Ultra smooth paper that is engineered for use in all kinds of office printing equipments i.e Laser, Inkjet, Digital and can also be used for Offset printing.
  • Excellent Brightness, Whiteness , Opacity and good Dimensional Stability.
  • Higher Smoothness and Brightness ensures sharper images and texts.
  • Excellent ink holding capacity for faster ink drying.
  • Alkaline sized paper manufactured using ECF bleached pulp.
  • Available in 100 gsm in A4, A3 & FS Sizes for office use.
  • Available in standard folio sizes, Customized sheet sizes and also in reels.


Ideal for Digital Multi-colour Printing and Desktop printing. Plotter rolls, Letter Heads, Statements, Continuous forms, Variable Data Printing, Envelopes.


Properties Unit 100 gsm Tolerence
Substance gsm 100 Avg ±2.5%
Caliper microns 125 ± 3
Brightness, ISO % 94 Min.
Whiteness, CIE % 150 Min.
Opacity, ISO % 94 Min.
Bendtsen Smoothness (T) ml/min 150 Max.
Bendtsen Smoothness (B) ml/min 150 Max.
Stiffness (MD) Taber 3.5 Min.
Stiffness (CD) Taber 1.8 Min.
Wax Pick No 12 Min.
Cobb-60 gsm 30 Max.
Breaking Length-MD meter 4000 Min.
Breaking Length-CD meter 1800 Min.
Tear Factor 55 Min.