Non Tearable Paper (NTR)

Pioneer in photographic Industry and Serving for more than 3 decades.

JPFL today delivers NTR films in Matt & Glossy finish for photo albums, certificates, playing cards, Gift Cards, visiting cards, calendar, menu cards, wedding cards & modelling portfolio. We offer HP certified film.

Product Description

Super Plus white opaque substrate is a polyester film, coated on both side which is suitable for electro-photography printing. Polyester film base provide tear resistance with thermal-stability for long term durability.

It is more economical and durable as compare to silver halide paper.

Product Applications

Super plus non tearable (NTR) is designed especially for digital printing media for photo album, commercial printing, promotional & customized printing

Product Specifications

  • Base : Polyester Films
  • Thickness : 125 +/- 5 Micron
  • Surface Finish : White matt, Gloss and Transparent
  • Size available : 330x482mm, 320x470mm 330x520mm, 330x406mm
  • Packing : 50 sheets per pack, 100 sheets per pack and 200 sheets per pack